Villa Solaro
A green oasis near Genoa

An ancient residence built in 1912 by the noble Crosa di Vergagnis family on a project by the architect Giuseppe Crosa di Vergagni, creator of many of the most beautiful projects carried out in the Genoese territory, among which the project of the monumental fountain in Piazza De Ferrari (1936) stands out.


The house is located in Savignone near the city of Genoa.


The Villa has a large secular park with majestic chestnut trees and lindens trees.

It is accessed via an avenue that crosses a large green garden and you find yourself in front of the access portico.

(access is suitable for vehicles)


The villa is divided into two residential floors and a basement where there are technical rooms and large cellars with windows.

The Potential

The structure allows it to be used for two or three-family use, guaranteeing each residential unit the independence of access and a part of the garden for exclusive use.